Artificial Lift Systems

Flowco Artificial Lift Systems

Flowco Production Solutions offers two advanced artificial lift systems: Flowco Gas Lift and Flowco Plunger Lift. Each system utilizes unique applications to bring liquids to the surface by harnessing the energy stored in natural gas under pressure. These systems are designed to optimize well performance and extend the life cycle of a producing well.

Flowco Gas Lift®

Flowco Gas Lift combines the stored energy in produced gas with injected gas to bring liquids to the surface. Gas expands as it rises to the surface, reducing the column weight and density of the fluid. A reduction in the flowing tubing pressure creates a differential pressure between the reservoir and the wellbore which allows the well to flow. With properly designed gas lift systems, optimizing well performance becomes as simple as controlling injection gas volume from the surface.


  • To produce wells that won’t flow naturally
  • To increase production of a flowing well
  • To kickoff or unload a well that will flow naturally
  • To keep gas wells from loading by either intermittent or continuous flow gas lift
  • To lift wells with deviated and horizontal wellbores


  • Unrivaled ability to handle changing well conditions
  • Initial low cost of downhole equipment
  • Producing rates can be controlled from the surface
  • Sand or scale production has no effect on gas lift equipment


  • Gas Lift Valves – Conventional and Wireline Retrievable
  • Gas Lift Mandrels – Conventional and Sidepocket
  • Check Valves
  • Latches

Flowco Plunger Lift®

Flowco Plunger Lift systems are cost-effective solutions to lift and remove accumulated fluid in wells with liquid loading problems. The system consists of a surface lubricator, a traveling plunger and downhole bumper spring. At the surface, a controller is used to regulate the plunger travel cycle by utilizing time, pressure or flow rate. The plunger travels from the spring to the surface and removes the liquid in the production tubing. Plunger systems can be designed to flow intermittently or continuously, depending on well characteristics. Differential pressure, velocity of flow and expanding gas provide the energy to deliver the plunger and liquids to the surface.


  • Increase production rates at minimal cost
  • Fast and easy installation and maintenance
  • Automated delivery system
  • Extends the life of aging wells


  • Surface lubricator
  • Plunger – Padded, solid, bypass, sand
  • Downhole bumper spring
  • Surface controller
  • Magnetic Sensor