Flowco Production Solutions and Patriot Artificial Lift LLC

Flowco Production Solutions and Patriot Artificial Lift have united to better serve our customers and employees. Each company brings different strengths to the table and the combination of the two will be able to provide the best product and service offerings to the entire US market. Along with the most impressive product line, we will now have the most experienced team in the business.


  1. Complete diversified product offering for gas lift, plunger lift and nitrogen generation.
  2. Multiple patent-pending plunger lift designs.
  3. Strong customer base with 12 field service locations and two manufacturing facilities.
  4. Strong corporate sales group covering all district locations throughout the US. In touch with all major producers daily and can initiate new gas lift and plunger lift projects from all areas.
  5. The most experienced and successful management team in the business with a proven track record in business development.

  1. Complete and proven plunger lift product line including lubricators and electronic controllers.
  2. Top talent in the Plunger Lift Business and a first class manufacturing facility with room to grow.
  3. Patented two-piece plunger offering.
  4. Intellectual product pipeline of new and patent pending products.
  5. Great list of top tier customers.
  6. Diverse plunger product line.

The combined companies will be known as Flowco Production Solutions, LLC and Patriot Artificial Lift will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Flowco. The differing customer base and operating regions will blend together to make a powerful company serving all of the major oil and gas producers. Together, we are the finest group of Gas Lift and Plunger Lift people in the business. Welcome to the premier and unified artificial lift leader, Flowco Production Solutions.