Artificial Gas Lift Solutions

We offer industry-approved training in artificial lift and production


Plunger Lift Training

Training Overview

Flowco delivers industry-driven plunger lift training classes and programs in artificial lift and production optimization that address the challenges facing oil and gas producers and a rapidly-changing hydrocarbon resource base. Our mission is to deliver consistent, high quality, learning and development to young engineers just coming into the industry, and to experienced engineers, staff, or production managers who want to broaden their skill base.

Our programs and plunger lift training sessions are taught by some of the most experienced engineers and practitioners in the industry. At Flowco, we employ the “best of the best” and our team loves to share this experience and knowledge with our current and future customers. Training is open to oil and gas professionals, including students near graduation, and those who are in-between roles in oil and gas production.

Who Should Attend:

Production and field-operations engineers, asset managers, and field specialists who would like a better understanding of the nuances and benefits of plunger lift, or reservoir specialists who would like a better understanding of the impact of this lift form on the reservoir can benefit from our plunger lift training.

Lunch and Learns

This is an excellent way to expand your knowledge on gas lift or plunger lift technology during your lunch break. We provide our experienced experts for an on-site visit and assist you in your understanding of these technologies.

Field and Customized Plunger Lift Training Available

We are happy to discuss and customize a program or training to meet your unique production challenges or train a specific segment of your team. Our basic plunger lift training is offered free of charge to industry professionals, and is taught in multiple cities across North America and Canada. Reach out by phone to your local Flowco representative, or email us at One of our plunger lift experts will get back with you.