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Ultra-Duty Bumper Springs

Flowco manufactures the only patented one-piece fishing neck/mandrel-designed bumper spring on the market.

Our ultra-duty bumper springs are engineered to withstand the constant cycles of all bypass plunger types. The traditional bumper spring designs involve pinned fishing necks which deteriorate from repeated impacts, loosen, and cause operator’s production downtime with the added expense of a slickline job. The Flowco bumper spring assembly is designed with a proprietary spring to achieve optimal cushion and recoil for maximizing the life of the complete bumper spring.

These innovative features, combined with our patented fastening method, reassure operators that you have acquired the toughest bumper spring assembly available.

Bumper Spring Features:

  • Patented* solid, one-piece design
  • Patented* fastening method
  • The least flow restriction possible on a bumper spring assembly
  • Optional ball and seat options available to capture fluid and prevent fall back
  • Patented Auto Release feature to control liquid volume in the tubing

Landing or Seating Profiles:

2 or 3 cup hold down, tubing stop, collar stop, latch down/collet, floating no-go

Mandrel and Assembly Material Types:
Alloy Steel or Stainless Steel
Hybrid Titanium Fishing Neck or all Titanium Fishing Neck & Mandrel

Spring Types:
Standard duty or Ultra duty

Available Sizes:
Patented* fastening method

*US Patent #9624996
*US Patent #10047589