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Multi-Stage Plungers

The Multi-Stage tool is installed in the tubing to lift fluid in stages while operating with a lower and upper plunger in the wellbore. The stage tool isolates the two plungers and the fluid slugs. This plunger lift method requires less energy due to lifting the fluid slugs in a simultaneous motion when the well is opened.

Our improved design allows for maximum flow-through. In fact, the Flowco Multi-Stage plungers feature the most flow-through area of any tool on the market.

These tools are re-buildable for long-term use and compatible with both sweet or sour applications.

Multi-Stage Plungers Features:

  • Utilizes patented spring technology
  • Patented* fastening method
  • One-piece set and release
  • Improved pack-off sealing mechanism
  • Patented auto-release option
  • Uses standard plunger lift controls
  • Simple slickline installation, no workover rig required

Multi-Stage Plungers Applications:

  • Wells with marginal gas/liquid ratio for standard plunger lift (Horizontal or Vertical)
  • High line pressure
  • Rod cut tubing
  • Packer-set wells
  • Extends the life of a conventional plunger lift well
  • Can operate at lower Gas to Liquid Ratios (GLR’s) than conventional wells

Landing Profiles:
Collar or Tubing Stops
Material Types:
Alloy Steel Stainless Steel
Available Sizes:
2-3/8 2-7/8