Artificial Gas Lift Solutions

Accurate well site information delivered when you need it


LiftSense™ Controller

Combining the intelligence of our proven algorithms with the flexibility of a programmable logic controller (PLC), our LiftSense™ controller can manage virtually all of the facilities on your site. With the ability to manage by exception, you’re empowered to allocate manpower when and where it’s needed most and to recognize trends and identify and correct problems.

LiftSense™ is an economical, timer-based, plunger lift controller. What separates our controller from the competition is that this controller is SCADA capable.

LiftSense™ Controller Features and Benefits:

  • High/low pressure override
  • Emergency shut-down can trip on fast arrivals
  • Local data logging capability
  • Ability to add complete well history when you add the SCADA package
  • Auto-recovery for failed arrivals
  • Full event log

Well optimization services are optional and available upon installation. Ask your Flowco service representative for details about our automation controllers and services to see which one is right for you.