Artificial Gas Lift Solutions

Resume well production faster



Our NitroGEN™ services offer unrivaled fluid recovery rates to start or resume well production faster and more economically. Mobile units are quickly and conveniently dispatched directly to your well site. Flowco has some of the highest-pressure machines available in the marketplace. And NitroGeN generation is quicker to deploy than coiled tubing, foam/capstring, or pumping units.

Units discharge nitrogen gas at volumes up to 600 scfm at 5,000 psi

Versatile unloading methods to fit your needs:

  • Down annulus, flow tubing
  • Down tubing, flow annulus
  • Multiple units can be used together for higher injection rates/volumes
  • Unload multiple wells at same time
  • Injection on multiple wells simultaneously

NitroGEN™ Services Applications:

  • Unloading wells hit by offset fracs
  • Unloading through gas lift valves where a gas source is not available
  • Well jetting and unloading
  • De-watering
  • Reservoir pressure maintenance
  • Pipeline purging
  • Supply gas for gas lift system
  • Well clean out
  • Pipeline pressure testing
  • New well completion activity
  • New well drill outs
  • Well testing

Advantages of NitroGEN™ for well cleanout:

  • Noncorrosive, not explosive and environmentally safe
  • Safer, more affordable alternative to liquid/cryogenic nitrogen
  • Quicker and more efficient than swabbing
  • Shorten spud to sales time
We have the largest pressure and volume producing units at the best purity in the business. NitroGEN is efficient, inert and non-corrosive and works seamlessly with all Flowco gas lift valves.

Ask your Flowco representative about all our lift system options.