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Flowco Production Solutions and ESG Policies, Initiatives, and Strategy

What is ESG?

The roots of ESG, an acronym for the evaluation of environmental, social, and governance goals and metrics for an organization, began back at the World Economic Forum in 1999. Since then, this call to corporations to enact a set of core values in the areas of human rights, fair labor standards, and environmental practices and responsibilities, has been championed. No longer the sole domain of global public corporations, stakeholders, and leaders at private and small to medium scale companies are seeking a framework of consistent principles, metrics, benchmarks, and best practices. As a company, Flowco embraces the positive impact that ESG directives provide to the industry as we help oil and gas operators, we work with to become more successful in this space.

What We are Currently Doing.

The Environmental space includes water management/conservation, carbon emission reductions, and a positive impact for flora and fauna. Flowco is committed to a partnership with clients to enable them to address and achieve their company goals and benchmarks in this area as well as a focus on our own internal initiatives aimed at reducing environmental impacts from our manufacturing processes, corporate practices, and field activities. Internally, Flowco has aggressively introduced technology to address waste management by converting many of the record-keeping activities to digital processes and drastically reducing printing of non-essential documents and emails. Our journey management practices are designed to reduce driving hours for our field teams without sacrificing the level of service to customers. Our research and development teams work tirelessly on improving internal systems as well as introducing products and services to reduce carbon footprints on behalf of clients across North America and Canada.

Flowco production products and solutions are predominantly solar-powered. Our plunger lift solutions utilize the well’s own energy as a power-source. Gas lift uses natural gas energy—considered by many to be the cleanest of hydrocarbons. Gas-lift technology also recycles and repurposes the gas from the well that some companies would flare or vent. Finally, the smaller footprint of our capillary, gas lift or plunger lift solutions lessen the environmental impact for your well pad.

Social measurement addresses areas like worker safety, diversity of workforce and management, as well as investments in local communities in the form of volunteering, education programs, workforce training, and community partnerships. Flowco is proud to deliver training to student groups in petroleum engineering including internship programs at several leading operators. We provide artificial lift training to give engineers an opportunity to learn new field skills and gain experience in the industry. Our safety programs meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations. Our safety team works directly with global, publicly traded oil companies, national oil companies, independent operators, and smaller oil and gas entities to ensure our safety standards and protocols protect all workers and assets.

Flowco embraces equal employment opportunities for our workforce and has a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination of any sort, bullying, sexual harassment, or reprisal/retaliation. We follow our mission statement and directives, by prioritizing culture, pursuing operational excellence, and advancing our corporate governance.

Our corporate and regional directors evaluate opportunities for volunteerism and sponsorships to help local charities including those involved with law enforcement, animal abuse, little league fund raisers and support, and various children’s charities. Flowco is an active corporate supporter for Oil Field Helping Hands (OHH), a U. S. nonprofit charitable organization, helping oilfield families with financial assistance in times of crisis.

Governance is considered the most important of the three. Governance includes many compliance and basic strategies for the organization to achieve milestones in the other two areas. Transparency, fairness, and risk management are all part of corporate governance. Flowco is constantly reviewing and updating our code of conduct, health and safety training, and risk assessments for relevance, clarity, sustainability, and adherence to corporate mission statements and planning.

How Are We Doing?

Flowco has adopted the EcoVadis platform to measure our success and recognize areas that could stand improvement in our B2B/ESG corporate initiatives. Learn more about EcoVadis here.

The EcoVadis sustainability assessment methodology is at the heart of our ratings and scorecards and is an evaluation of how well a company has integrated the principles of Sustainability/CSR into their business and management system. We make our score known to companies requesting this third-party data. Our current overall score is 39/100. In the interest of transparency, below see a screen capture of our current scorecard.

Flowco is constantly examining our assessed scores and continually improving on our processes and business culture.

Where we are going.

Flowco will use an inter-disciplinary approach to not only continuously improve the EcoVadis score, but to integrate general best practices for ESG initiatives from the industry. We have introduced continuous education and input from thought-leaders in this space to better our company and the work environment for individuals within our organization and those we serve.