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The lubricator (a pressure isolating device) catches the ascending plunger and cushions the continual impact of the plunger as it reaches the well’s surface. Once the plunger has arrived and the well head is depressurized, the operator can then safely remove the lubricator cap to retrieve the plunger. Our lubricators are designed and manufactured to API 11PL specification standards to ensure maximum durability, safety and efficiency.

Lubricators Features and Benefits:

  • Constructed from 100% traceable materials
  • Working pressures of 3K-5K psi, and 10K psi
  • -50 – 250F working temperatures
  • Threaded, all flanged, or a combination of threaded and flanged designs available
  • Easy cap removal
  • Easily inspect all components housed in the lubricator cap (anvil spring, rod spring, O-ring, anvil)
  • Universal conversion for ALL conventional and bypass plungers on the market today
  • Manual or auto-catcher options
  • Bowen and 8RD EUE caps available

Available in:

1-1/2”, 2-1/16”, 2-3/8”, 2-7/8”, 3-1/2“

* We also offer retro-fit and specialty lubricators