Artificial Gas Lift Solutions
Gas Lift Solutions

Reduce fluid density in your wells


High-Pressure Gas Lift

Gas Lift is a highly flexible form of artificial lift which can cover a wide range of production volumes. Proper well design and equipment application are key to deliver high production rates rivaling that of Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP).

Greater differential pressure equals deeper lift depth, allowing aeration of a longer fluid column and more well drawdown. Injection pressures higher than the traditional 1,000-1,200 PSI – upwards of 2,500 PSI – achieve this deeper lift. To achieve even higher rates that equal or exceed ESP, high pressure combined with annular flow can maximize the initial production from each well.

Flowco has developed the gas lift valves and mandrels that excel in downhole high-pressure conditions. In addition, our expertise allows you to switch from annular flow to tubing flow as rates decline, without the expense of a workover rig to make the switch.

The Flowco Max Lift – HP high rate/high pressure gas lift system has proven to create a lower flowing bottomhole pressure (FBHP) in comparison to conventional gas lift systems.

Solving High-Pressure Gas Lift Challenges – Annular to Tubular Flow

The solution for optimizing your high-pressure well is begun with an in-depth nodal analysis of the well site. Critical data can be gathered to ensure proper selection of valve sizes, port size, and recommended mandrel spacing to handle the higher pressure and rates. With the necessary data collected, a high-accuracy nodal analysis model is developed to enable an optimized gas lift well design. Our artificial lift experts at Flowco have analyzed thousands of wells and can make or recommend specifications to completely optimize this conversion of flow regimes.