Artificial Gas Lift Solutions
Downhole Gauges

Detailed and accurate well information


Well Monitoring

Why use Well Monitoring Solutions?

  • Lower operating costs and improved safety
  • Accurate and stable control
  • Fewer interventions / operations on live wells
  • Lower access costs
  • No deferred production costs
  • Lower OPEX
  • Production optimization and optimize artificial lift (ESP/PCP/Gas Lift)
  • Validate theoretical design calculations and optimize lift curves
  • Examine pressure losses: draw down, skin, PI, tubing pressure loss
  • Fast-track production: realize revenues earlier
  • Reduce shut-in time for the pressure build-up surveys
  • Data from unplanned shutdowns
  • Monitor formation damage through transients
  • Improve well design performance
  • Better understanding of the reservoir and quality of reservoir description – permeability, size, boundaries, drive mechanisms, inner-well influences, etc.
  • Forecast future production/recovery for various development strategies. Improve reserves calculations and optimize production of recoverable reserves.
  • Early data on actual vs. predicted performance
  • Measure contribution from independent reservoir zones or co-mingled wells
  • Monitor independent reservoirs in multi-lateral wells
  • Material balancing: fault blocks, independent reservoirs
  • Monitoring of reservoir drainage and bypassed hydrocarbons

Simple Deployment

The Flowco gauge is easily installed into a carrier sub in the tubing string at the desired depth. The tubing encapsulated conductor (TEC) line communicates downhole data to the surface automation controller such as the LiftMindTM second-generation wellhead control unit, or supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system. Alternatively, the Flowco gauge can be installed internally to the tubing without the need for production string retrieval.

Critical Well Data at Your Fingertips

Pressure data is critical in understanding the performance of a well, reservoir, or artificial lift system. Our well monitoring solution provides a permanent reading of tubing pressure, annulus pressure, or both for improved control of well draw-down and maximizes production by providing analysis of the well operating conditions. Our robust reservoir monitoring systems provide unmatched reliability.

Rod Pump and progressing cavity pump (PCP) – The Flowco real-time monitoring system is a reliable source of data for analysis to identify pump wear issues, and to validate inflow/outflow data. Measurement of both tubing and annulus pressure downhole enables full validation of pressure gradients.

Gas Lift and Jet Pump – Gradients can be matched to the measured pressure below or above the point of injection allowing diagnosis and analysis of the injection point. Tubing pressure allows you to calculate bottomhole flowing pressure and well performance, maximizing run life while reducing cost.

Alarms safeguard the pump and well, protecting against:

  • Pump off
  • Pump overheating
  • Excessive well draw-down
  • High or low flow rates
  • Dead heading or shut in
  • Resonant vibration frequencies
Rigorous engineering standards provide a dependable, continuous stream of downhole pressure and temperature information over the life of the well. Our gauges are designed to operate up to 150°C/302°F. Our gauges are quality-tested and field-proven to perform reliably even in the most challenging production environments. These gauges have been successfully installed in thousands of wells world-wide.

Well optimization services are optional and available upon installation. Ask your Flowco service representative for details about our cloud-based host system and services.