Artificial Gas Lift Solutions
Realtime Optimization


Realtime Optimization


1. the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource. “oil and gas operators are interested in the optimization of their assets”

In a lower oil price environment, the industry shifts its priorities from major capital projects such acquiring and drilling new assets to refocus on maximizing the value from operating existing conventional ones. Flowco Production Solutions offers a full spectrum of artificial lift and well optimization services. Technology, innovation, and experience play significant roles in enabling this together with an intimate knowledge of potential solutions.

Why use our realtime optimization services? Our field experts and innovative solutions can help you with the following:

  • Well performance optimization
  • Gas lift optimization
  • Review of existing wells with gas lift or plunger lift already installed
  • Production system optimization
  • Flow assurance
  • Well design
  • Well troubleshooting
  • Artificial lift installation and well initiation
  • Reservoir monitoring and automation

Additional Services:

Shoot fluid levels with echometers to troubleshoot and optimize gas lift systems
Provide gauges for running flowing temperature and pressure surveys and the personnel to support the slickline companies on following proper API procedures
Analyze the collected well data and generate a report on the state of the well, plus optimization opportunities
Compare the status of the well to the proposed design of recommended artificial lift system prior to equipment install
Maintenance, upgrades, and troubleshooting for optimal performance through the life of the well
NitroGEN® services for rapid fluid recovery

Nodal Analysis

Nodal analysis is an exceptional service we provide that helps in artificial lift selection, design, and optimization of gas-to-liquid ratio for gas lift. It shows how much production to expect or how a well might respond to the introduction of an artificial lift system. It also shows what to expect when making changes to an existing system. Nodal analysis combines various components of the production system for an individual well, or system of wells, to estimate production rates and optimize the components of the production system