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Gas Lift Solutions

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Gas Lift Mandrels

A gas lift system requires use of gas lift mandrels, valves, and other downhole components in the production tubing down the well. The hardware that connects the valve to the tubing is called a mandrel, and the mandrel is installed in the tubing string.

There are two primary types of mandrels:

Conventional – require gas lift valves be installed in the mandrels on the surface and run with the tubing string

Side Pocket – designed to permit gas lift valves and other downhole components to be installed or replaced with wireline

Our JR and SR series gas lift mandrels are tubing-retrievable and installed as a component of the tubing string. The external ported lug of the mandrels provides attachment of the gas lift devices. Both can be used in a single or dual string completion. We also offer a high-pressure tubing-retrievable mandrel tested to 10,000 psi, designed to provide the same working, test, and yield pressures as your production tubing.

Our unique design and manufacturing process assures protection for every mandrel

Helps protect against off-set frac interference

We also offer a full line of side-pocket mandrel for a variety of well completion applications. These high-quality tools have enhanced features to meet your most demanding production requirements. Each gas lift mandrel features a side pocket profile to receive gas lift valves, chemical injection valves, circulating valves, dummy valves, and dump kill valves. Several pocket porting configurations are available for applications such as water-flood injection, chamber lift, chemical injection, and annular flow.

For the complete list of available valves, dummy valves, circulating valves, latches and mandrels and the product specifics for each, we invite you to download the complete Gas Lift Catalog or Contact one of our experts for details on available and applicable products and solutions.