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Fast Fall Plungers

Fast Fall Plungers are engineered to run 2-3 times as often as conventional plungers without using any external or mechanical shifting mechanisms. The reduction in close time allows for more cycles per day and optimal fluid removal. The additional advantage is the fall speed is not as impactful on the bumper spring as a continuous flow plunger, therefore downhole tools are at a lower risk of damage from repeated cycles.

Fusion™ Series Plungers

The Fusion™ plunger line is a modified one-piece fast-fall plunger that shifts completely closed when contacting the bumper spring for an excellent seal on the plunger cycle to surface.

Features and Benefits:

Simple integration with existing lubricators. No shift rod in the lubricator assembly required
Controlled fall speeds up to 1200 ft/minute
Maximize flow time
Utilizes a patented clutch assembly to control tension on the shift rod
Multiple designs to adapt to well conditions

Available Sizes:

2-3/8″, 2-7/8″, 3-1/2″

Fury Series Plungers

Our Fury Series fast fall plungers have a fluted design for even wear. We have strategically placed flow ports for optimal clean-out and accelerated fall times.

Features and Benefits:

Wells with sand and/or scale problems
Wells with lower bottom hole pressure (BHP)
Wells that have recently been completed
Horizontal applications or deviated wells

Available Sizes:


**Offered in different overall lengths