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APEX™ Multi-Well Controller

Introducing the APEX Multi-Well Controller, a more precise monitoring and control system for gas lift, plunger lift, gas-assisted plunger lift (GAPL) and hybrid-lift methods. Our new, single platform technology brings enhanced computing power, production possibilities and optimization capabilities to either an individual well or a pad of connected assets. The controller is a life-of-well-solution for the entire life cycle of the wells.

Works with your current equipment and SCADA system ... or ours!
Control up to 16 wells, each with unique configurations and settings.

Optimal control and production of the well can be automated and remote whether points are manually set and assigned by the operator or the assignments made by the AI algorithms in the controller. The operator has the flexibility to tune each artificial lift platform for peak performance. The system has the capability to optimize each well “regardless of lift platform” simultaneously. This system works seamlessly with most hardware and your existing SCADA systems or our LiftSight™ SCADA system, for new or legacy wells.


  • Advanced gas lift optimization (AGLO) features
  • Plunger lift optimization
  • Gas-assisted plunger lift (GAPL) or plunger-assisted gas lift (PAGL) optimization
  • Downhole gauge management

It Starts With a New Approach . . . Then Innovation Takes Over

The APEX Multi-Well Controller is a life-of-well solution. Although the system can replace existing hardware at any point, for ultimate well optimization benefits, it is recommended to install the system on new assets so the system can optimize/increase total production recovery and reduce required labor and downtime for each phase of the well’s life.

Specific game-changing gas lift-technology features include the ability to control the well on operator-specified rates and parameters, or the ability to optimize the well automatically. This technology, new to the industry, allows the operator to control gas-injection rates one of two ways: 1) critical velocity of produced gas, or 2) injection gas optimized based on drawdown of flowing bottom-hole pressure gathered from a live downhole gauge in production string.

In addition, optimization decisions can be made remotely without the need to be onsite to adjust parameters. This feature frees up precious time to help engineers and well service techs get more done in a day. To guide decisions through the AI-enabled solution, the controllers apply advanced gas lift optimization (AGLO) software.

For GAPL or PAGL wells, controllers employ a patented algorithm feature with cycle-skip technology, the first of its kind, and built to optimize both gas lift injection and plunger cycles to get the best performance out of independent plunger or gas systems, or both systems seamlessly combined.

“The algorithm’s results can be impressive”, says Dean Lehner, Director of Digital Solutions for Flowco. “While we cannot create production in reservoirs with little to give, we can deliver the available production at the optimum rate. The uplift varies”, he explains, “but for an operator who moves from manual production to automation, it’s realistic to see a 20% to 30% increase in production and a 20% decrease in injected gas volume.”

A Peek Under the Hood

Digitalization is transforming oil and gas production and Flowco is on the leading edge of that change. The APEX Multi-Well Controller includes the ability to control up to 16 individual artificial lift wells from a single master controller. The data from these wells can be analyzed from the well local display, on SCADA, or on the Flowco app.

  • The APEX Multi-Well Controller features five fully configurable serial communication ports that can be used for Modbus connectivity to other devices. The auto-detection feature enables auto selection between the RS-232 and RS-485 communication for the ports without manual configuration.
  • The APEX controller has up to 100 configurable holding registers (data points) per well, per device.
  • The Apex controller is capable of hosting two additional independent ethernet ports.
  • All components of the APEX system are rated Class 1, Div 2.
  • A Wi-Fi plug-in option enables local wireless communications that are multi-user capable and password configurable. The APEX Wi-Fi environment is a safe and secure communication option.
  • The controller operates on any 6 – 24 V-DC power system or a solar-powered system with a built-in backup battery.
  • The APEX Multi-Well Controller can log data at user-configurable intervals.

Patented GAPL/PAGL Technology: The APEX Multi-Well Controller is designed to excel in GAPL/PAGL applications using a patented algorithm to bring the best from your well pad or individual well.

Recently, Flowco was awarded an automation patent for our GAPL algorithm for our gas-assisted plunger lift method and control. The patent number is 11,448,049. The patented algorithm is utilized to optimize daily gas injection rates and plunger cycles to maximize well production, while minimizing overall operating cost of the GAPL OR PAGL system.

PC Application - LiftLink™:

LiftLink software is an application software that runs on Windows® enabling rapid configuration, data retrieval, and firmware update capabilities.

The APEX Mobile Well Controller App:

  • System configuration at your fingertips on your Android or iOS device
  • Local Wi-Fi/Bluetooth – enabled device communication
  • Access and download data to your Android or iOS device
  • View trends and data in real time
  • Live adjustment to optimize production

The APEX App is available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Easily configure the controller from your tablet or mobile device ... anytime, anywhere.