Artificial Gas Lift Solutions
Realtime Optimization


LiftSight™ IoT SCADA

Record and store data in seconds compared to typical hourly or 15-minute increments with our LiftSight™ IoT SCADA. Every minute of recording produces a myriad of data. Customers can be reassured that their data is safe and always accessible in the trusted Microsoft Azure™ cloud environment.

Our LiftSight™ IoT SCADA features a store and forward function in which data is sent to an intermediate station where it can be kept and sent at a later time. This feature enables remote hosts, data connectivity, and transmission, even if the direct connection to the host is lost. The data is packaged for 24/7 availability and gives you advantages of real-time data and improved usability vs. traditional radio technology at the wellsite. Our systems are designed mobile-first and platform-ready for a faster, more reliable snapshot of the well, accessed from wherever you are and whenever you need the data.

You gain true supervisory control at the well head, plus remote monitoring and control of tank levels, chemical injection, gas volumes, pressures, temperatures, flow rates, compressor set points, and more.

Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) technology provides a lightweight messaging protocol which is optimized for bandwidth-constrained or unreliable networks to mitigate downtime, and is adaptable to the majority of popular SCADA platforms in today’s market.

In the topside modem, a Linux-based system with its open-sourced advantages for greater flexibility to customize your SCADA solution provides maximum computing power. Our Flowco SCADA solution gives you power, security, reliability, and customization for a lower investment than comparable systems in the marketplace.

While our LiftSight™ IOT Cloud SCADA System is specific to well optimization, including downhole reservoir monitoring through live gauge downhole and plunger lift/gas lift operations, the tool can be configured for other forms of lift.

Well optimization services are optional and available upon installation. Ask your Flowco service representative for details about our automation controllers and services to see which one is right for you.