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Capillary Chemical Injection

Getting the right amount of chemical injection into your well at precisely the right spot and in the right quantity, can eliminate or mitigate conditions that lead to costly workovers and lost production.

With unmatched flexibility, agility and responsiveness, operators rely on us for total program management. Whether performing well surveys and needs assessments, building a customized solution, working with flexible delivery systems, ongoing reporting or program adjustments, we have the products and the experts you’ll need to get the job done right.

We offer full maintenance programs for your peace of mind, to ensure that your systems function efficiently and for years to come.

Capillary Chemical Injection Features and Benefits:

  • Capillary String Metallurgy to match well conditions
  • Precision chemical treatment delivery
  • Produce liquid-loaded gas wells
  • Internal or external installations
  • Installs into live wells
  • Protects tubluars
  • Reduces well interventions caused by scale, salt, corrosion and paraffin
  • Pinpoint chemical delivery at exact depths
  • Adjustable chemical volumes and ability to run custom blends
  • Requires no batch treating or shut-in-time
  • Ability to flush and test while running
  • Built by industry leaders
We Are Artificial Lift. It’s what we do. Ask your Flowco service representative for details about our capillary chemical injection services to lower your operating expenses.