Artificial Gas Lift Solutions
Gas Lift Solutions

Reduce fluid density in your wells


Gas Lift Solutions

In an oil or gas well, the reservoir pressure is typically higher than the well’s hydrostatic pressure. This difference in pressures is what moves fluids up the wellbore to the surface and on to the production facilities. We have gas lift solutions to address and alleviate this issue.

It is natural for the reservoir pressure and formation gas to decrease over time. The decline in reservoir pressure results in less liquids/gas moving to the surface. Artificial lift becomes a necessary option to restore or increase the liquid or gas production to the surface.

Gas lift resembles the well’s natural flow process. It is economical and applicable in wells with low or high reservoir pressures.

The goal of gas lift is to increase the fluid velocity to surface, and reduce the fluid density by injecting high-pressure gas into the well’s tubing or casing at the deepest point possible, considering the gas lift pressure available.

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Gas Lift Solutions and Completion Options:

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Sometimes the best solution is to combine artificial lift methods like adding a conventional plunger to an intermittent gas lift system. See hybrid solutions for more details.