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The LiftMind™ wellhead automation controller brings innovative well optimization and automation features to your wellsite. Optimization is made easy with anywhere, anytime access to critical well data over an easy-to-use and secure network. The LiftMind™ controller uses the latest hardware and control algorithms to ensure precise data monitoring and safety control.

You gain true supervisory control at the well head, plus remote monitoring and control of tank levels, chemical injection, gas volumes, pressures, temperatures, flow rates, compressor set points, and more. The LiftMind controller can easily integrate into existing network/SCADA systems over built-in, industry-standard Modbus protocol. Complete well automation is a simple upgrade.

oil and gas automation controller

Automation Controller Features and Benefits:

  • Advanced well control
  • Autonomous control
  • Gas-assisted plunger lift (GAPL) adjustments built-in*
  • Automatically control injection without an electric flow meter (EFM)
  • Plunger-mileage tracker helps you track equipment that may need replacement
  • SCADA capable
  • Ability to bring downhole gauge data into the controller
  • Can pull data from other controllers and take action
  • For continuous-flow gas lift wells, this controller can be used to monitor gas injection rates.
  • Ability to open and close injection valves to control injection time.
  • Adds Modbus capability
  • Full event log
  • *Patent pending

The Liftmind™ and Liftsense™ automation controllers are both available in 6V DC to accommodate low power applications and 12V DC for automation applications. The system is also expandable and upgradable to an optional cloud-based hosting service using cellular, satellite, and radio options depending on your needs and existing infrastructure.

Well optimization services are optional and available upon installation. Ask your Flowco service representative for details about our automation controllers and services to see which one is right for you.