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Downhole Gauges

Detailed and accurate well information


Downhole Gauges

Permanent in-well monitoring systems and downhole gauges provide operators detailed and accurate information about the well, reservoir, and lift system for better decision making.

The absence of accurate and reliable data for artificial lift systems creates significant operational inefficiencies and puts artificial lift systems and the reservoir at risk, which could result in costly downtime. Lack of actionable information could also lead to improperly-sized pumping systems, higher production costs, and non-optimized production rates.

Reliable, precise, and rugged downhole monitoring systems are critical to assessing well and artificial lift system performance by providing continuous data—even in high-temperature and difficult operating environments. Flowco downhole gauges economically provide that critical data to operate lift systems such as gas lift, progressing cavity pumps (PCP), beam pumps, and jet pumps. Flowco’s permanent downhole gauges provide accurate, real-time, direct measurements which empower the operator to enable maximum production with the assurance that the artificial lift system is safely running within its specified limits. Intervention costs are reduced through proactive maintenance schedules to mitigate surprises and minimize non-production time.

The Flowco gauge systems can be permanently and semi-permanently installed in your wells. We offer internal and external downhole tubing to address your specific production challenges.

Benefits of Downhole Gauges and Reservoir Monitoring:

Enables increased production and reduces cost by helping operators make factual decisions

Optimizes production at the well, reservoir, and field level

Combines hardware and software into systems that best fit clients’ specific needs

Multiple specification options allow our solution to be deployed to suit the economic and technical requirements of your specific project. The sensors are lift-system and manufacturer agnostic, allowing the maximum flexibility to address your specific production challenges.

Well optimization services are optional and available upon installation. Ask your Flowco service representative for details about downhole gauges and monitoring services.