Artificial Gas Lift Solutions
Gas Lift Solutions

Reduce fluid density in your wells


Intermittent Flow

When low reservoir pressure and low production rates are present in a wellbore, intermittent gas lift can be a better option. In this process, high-pressure gas is injected in intermittent cycles to displace liquid slugs to the surface. This lift method is only used for tubing flow applications and can be a more efficient use of the available lift gas.

Adding a Plunger to an Intermittent Gas Lift System greatly increases the fluid recovery efficiency per cycle.

Intermittent Flow – Features and Benefits:

  • Utilized for low production rates and low bottom hole pressure
  • Take well to depletion without the need for a pumping unit
  • High pressure gas injected in cycles to lift slugs of fluid
  • Tubing flow configurations only
  • Surface or downhole annular gas storage required for lift cycles
  • Plunger can be added for increased efficiency in lifting fluid slugs
  • Proper design and optimization efforts required for max production
  • Effective Pilot valve or large ported valve setup for maximized cycle lift times