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Continuous Flow Plungers

Continuous flow plungers, also known as bypass plungers, have a bypass valve that opens up the flow area through the center of the plunger that allows the flowing well to produce as the plunger is falling to the Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA). Once the plunger arrives at the BHA, either a dart valve closes or a ball is mated with a sleeve to create a positive seal or ascent position. The plunger cycles to the surface removing the liquids in the tubing string. This plunger method produces more cycles per day, delivering continuous fluid removal and optimizing high-rate wells to their maximum potential.

Main Types of Continuous Flow Plungers:

  • Bypass plungers
  • Ball and sleeve or two-piece plungers
  • Sliding-sleeve plungers


  • Controlled fall speeds maximize the life of the plunger and BHA while reducing expenses
  • Little or no shut-in time allows optimal production
  • Unibody design ensures long-term durability and mechanical integrity of the plunger
  • Clutch and valve system improve consistency for extended life cycle
  • Varying dart types for light sand conditions

Bypass Plungers

Our Bypass Plunger Technology provides the lowest cost of ownership with proven production enhancement in high rate oil and gas wells.

Our bypass plungers are engineered to perform in extreme cycling conditions that are required in high-rate flowing wells. Our patented design incorporates the industry’s first unibody dart bypass body and clutch system that will continue to operate so operators achieve maximum wear. There are no welds or pins that cause premature wear or breakage on traditional designed plungers.

Slot Sizes for Controlled Fall Speed:

Multiple 2 slots designs, 3, 4, and 5 slots

Body Types:

Standard Groove style turbulent seal
Groove style with aggressive flute (spiral)
Patent pending Diamond/Cut body for cutting paraffin and solids

Material Types:

Alloy steel or Stainless Steel

Available Sizes:

2-1/16″, 2-3/8″, 2-7/8″, 3-1/2″

Ball & Sleeve Plungers

A ball and sleeve is a two-part plunger. When the sleeve reaches the bottom hole bumper spring, it joins the ball and forms a seal. Differential pressure in the well allows the plunger to ascend to surface removing accumulated fluids. A separator rod in the lubricator unseats the ball and repeats the process after the journey to the top.


Most efficient continuous flow plunger for wells with high sand production
Can be ran in higher deviated wells
Light Weight
No Shifting mechanism

Sizes for Controlled Fall Speed:

Varying ball weights and sleeves lengths are used for fall control

Material Types:

4140/17-4 Stainless Steel and Titanium material options available

Available Sizes:

6”-9”-12”-15”-18’ sleeve lengths available

Sliding Sleeve Plungers

The sliding sleeve plunger is a center no-shift rod style bypass plunger that requires very little off time and no rod in the lubricator. These plungers are port adjustable/flexible. The port selection varies based on the well’s production rates. You can plug a port as the well’s production changes. These plungers typically show good performance in wells operating under critical velocity.


No separator rod assembly needed
Minimized Shut in time
Long lasting and durable

Slot Sizes for Controlled Fall Speed:

Slot sizes and pluggable ports for fall control

Body Types:

Diamond Cut

Available Sizes:

2-1/16″, 2-3/8″, 2-7/8″